Custom "Movie Quality" Hairpieces for Models, Actors and Discerning Men and Womenquality custom hair pieces

Hollywood Hairs Exclusive Process

We bring together the best of everything. The behind-the-scenes secrets of Hollywood, materials exclusive to the film and TV industry and the kinds of artists and craftspeople you don't find much anymore, even in Hollywood. The results are undetectable hair systems that look completely natural. Not even a close-up or romantic encounter will give you away.

Getting Started
I'm Joe Schwartz, founder of Hollywood Hair and you'll meet with me personally.
You'll probably meet with a salesperson, perhaps one that doesn't even wear a hairpiece.

I draw multiple hairlines and recommend what's best for your age and facial features. I'll square up your face because it's the most handsome look.

custom moldI'll create a plaster mold. It's a perfect replica as unique as you are because no two heads are the same.

Any one of several stylists draws out a standard hairline. Some companies like Hair Club just use plastic lenses - we call them cookie cutter hairlines.

...The stylist puts plastic wrap and scotch tape on your head and makes an imprecise and amateurish template.

Custom Color Matching and Blending


...Susanna has been blending hair for more than 25 years. She blends your new hair for a perfect match. Then I double-check under 3x magnification. Susanna makes notes and maps out your colors and your hair directions.


...Small hair samples are taken and taped to the order form or a color ring is used. If you have more than one color in your hair, it's easy to get the blend wrong.

The stylist checks a few boxes on the stock order form and that's it. (And yes - that's a real order form)

Crafting Your Custom Hairpiece (alt - Casting The Mold)


...We make a foam mold from your plaster one. The mold is exact. Your new hairpiece is made on this mold so the fit will be perfect.

We archive your mold along with notes and your hair blends for future orders.


Your template and stock order form are folded and mailed to a middleman - usually in Florida - who forwards it on to China or other third-world suppliers.

In China, they pick a head that best fits your template. Depending on the shape of your head, the fit is hit or miss.

Sewing the Lace

Sewing the Lace on the HairpieceRosa sews genuine Van Horn lace from Switzerland to the front of your hairpiece.

Van Horn is the only lace accepted by Hollywood make-up artists for close-ups. Your new hairline will look totally undetectable.

If they use lace at all, they'll give it a fancy name like 'French Lace'. It's unacceptable in Hollywood for anything but long shots - not close ups.

NOTE: I go to many of the hair shows and nobody but Hollywood Hair uses real lace. And even though other centers call it 'lace', it's just base material or thin polyester. I'll show you the difference and it's huge!

Attaching the Hair
Attaching the Hair to the HairpieceSkilled artisans attach your new hair strand-by-strand to give you the natural look you want. We adjust the density of the hair to match your own natural hair density.
Laborers in foreign factories attach the hair as quickly as possible to meet production quotas. They don't know you or care because they never see you wearing the results of their work. We do.
Total Time

In 3 weeks you'll return for the final fitting - that's when our head stylists will do the "cut in". You'll go home with "Movie Quality Hair" that same day.


In 3 weeks, your hairpiece is still in China. In 8-10 weeks when it does come in you better hope there aren't any problems.

Now I don't doubt they'll make it right, but you'll just have to wait another 8-10 weeks.

Call Joe today at (714) 740-5200

P. S. We're only 10 minutes away from John Wayne Airport. We are 45 minutes from LAX and 25 from Long Beach Airport.

Out of state clients. We only need about an hour of your time so you can fly in and out the same day. After that, we archive your mold and hair blends. In the future, just call or click and we'll ship a new hairpiece in about 3 weeks. This is a very popular service.