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Our Hair Systems Have Been The Gold Standard
For Over a Quarter Century.

Contact Hollywood Hair in Orange County today. We've been making movie-quality hair systems for actors, celebrities and discerning men for over a quarter century.

In fact, we make more celebrity hairpieces than all the companies ... combined.

Hollywood Hair Has Moved!
Our new address is 898 Town & Country Rd. Building F Orange, CA 92868

Hand-Crafted Right Here In About 3 Weeks.

Hollywood Hair is the only center in America that actually makes custom hair system in-house so we can be extremely particular about every last detail.

From the initial design to the cut-in and final styling, you'll be in the hands of experts and skilled craftspeople with decades of experience.

When you return in 3 weeks everything's been checked and double-checked. You'll go home looking sharp and feeling confident that very same day. Guaranteed.

Other Companies Send Your Order To China.

In 3 weeks your hairpiece is still in China. There, low-paid laborers attach the hair as quickly as possible to meet strict production quotas.

They don't know you or care because they never see you wearing the results of their work like we do. In 8-10 weeks when it finally comes in you better hope there aren't any problems.

No doubt they'll make it right, but you'll just have to wait another 8 - 10 weeks.


Hollywood Hair has been making undetectable hair systems for models, actors and discerning men for a quarter century. In fact, we make more celebrity hairpieces than all other companies ... combined.

If you want a natural looking, undetectable hair system like you see top stars wearing in the movies and on TV then look no further. We make them here. Go behind-the-scenes and see how we do it.

At other centers your order is sent overseas where low-paid laborers work quickly to meet strict quotas. In 6 - 8 weeks all you get is an ordinary mans hair piece ... that looks like a hairpiece. Farrell, Hair Club and the other are selling the same old Chinese hair pieces. And if you already have one of those -- why get another one???

More We Think You'll Like About Hollywood Hair

  • Same-day hairpiece repair and hair addition
  • We're a full service men's hairpiece center offering precision haircuts, expert coloring and more in beautiful private suites with satellite TV.
  • We carry a complete line of tape, adhesives and quality grooming supplies.

NEW! Need a new hair system ASAP? We now offer top-of-the-line imported hair systems in as little as 2 - 3 days. These are the good ones and they're only $565 complete.

Call Hollywood Hair Today 714-740-5200

What Others Are Saying

"Joey Bishop didn't wear a hairpiece, but he always brought his best friends to me. He will be missed."

Joey Bishop

Joey Bishop

The "Rat Pack" originally sprung up around Humphrey Bogart. After Bogie's death, Frank become the leader. Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop rounded out "The Pack"

Roger Williams

Roger Williams

"The first pianist to have a Star On The Hollywood Walk of Fame, Roger has 21 Gold and Platinum albums to his credit."